Prices for Dog Walks

I have ranges based on the pet and their individual need, so after we meet, I quote a price. Part of the final price is determined by pet’s temperament, private or semi-private walk, and if they need extra attention (i.e. training issues, special needs, etc.).

$25 for 30 minutes

$30 for 45 minutes

$35 for 60 minutes

I don’t believe in huge pack walks, so a maximum of 3 dogs will be on any walk.  For additional dogs from the same home (walked together), please add $10 to above rates.

I also provide dog sitting for a few hours in the evening, if your dog has separation anxiety and it’s difficult to leave them alone. Pricing varies on need, temperament, ability to walk with other dogs, duration of visit, etc.

If medications need to be administered, add $10 to above rates.  Please be sure to provide me with your veterinary clinic’s contact information.

Please add $10 for walks on major holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day).

Puppies, early morning or late evening walks are a bit more, so it’s important we talk about this beforehand.  

If building has no elevator, and requires multiple trips (i.e 5th floor walk-up) and/or assisting animal, add $10 to above rates.

If you live in a doorman building, please be sure to let me know the building policy on guests, and if dog walkers have to use a service elevator or other access requirements.  I don’t want to get you in trouble with your landlord or HOA Board!

Overnight care / Sleepovers:  Prices start at $90 per night, so it’s best to reach out to me to discuss your needs.  Prices are determined by how much care is required for each pet.  I do not provide boarding, so I would stay over at your residence to care for your pet(s). 

Again, rates are determined by pet needs, hence the price range. I take various forms of payment, including Venmo, PayPal (friend option), Zelle (Chase bank). I am not accepting cash at this time.

**Please note that if your home is unsafe or infested with vermin or pests, I reserve the right to refuse service.**

If you want to chat directly about the pricing, please call me at 914-861-5732 (this number is powered by a voice service, so don’t worry if you get a message from Google).  You’ll reach me, Ann M.)!

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