Prices for Cat Care

$20 for a basic visit (litter scooping, water & food)

$25 to include playtime and extended visit (up to 30 minutes)

Add $5 for three (3) cats or more, up to 5.  Add an additional $5 for any medication administration.

If services for cat care are for vacations (4 days or more), price includes a full litter box cleaning on the last day (please start the week with a fresh box).

Add $10 for major holidays (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day).

Overnight stays start at $55 per night and go up from there (final number depends upon how many cats, and if any meds are to be dispensed).  I don’t board at my house, so I would stay at your residence. Veterinary clinic contact information must be provided before hand (please be sure to notify your vet that I would be allowed to bring your pet in for any emergencies; any issues will be discussed with you prior to any vet services being administered).

**Please note that if your home is unsafe or infested with vermin or pests, I reserve the right to refuse service.**

If you want to chat directly about pricing, call me at 914-861-5732 (this number is powered by a voice service, so don’t worry if you get a message from Google.  You’ll reach me, Ann M.)!

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