COVID-19 Announcement

When you are ready to welcome me back into your daily routine, I’ll be there! Here are a few steps I’ll be taking to ensure that all of my clients are protected during this time of uncertainty.

Services (as of February 1, 2022)

30, 45 or 60 minute walks are available. I am offering dog sitting services AND overnight sitting services, but only for FULLY vaccinated families (this includes all adults, children 12+, housekeepers, etc that enter the premises). I am fully vaccinated, but understand that with the new variants, this could change my availability (this is all dependent upon clearances or new benchmarks set forth by the CDC, WHO or other governing agencies with respect to COVID-19 protocols).

Basic Sanitation

No one should not touch their face, mouth, or eyes with their hands (good for both dog owners & dog walkers).

Face Masks

I will be adorned with either a washable / reusable face mask or a single-use mask, and will continue to do so when in a client’s home and building (including elevators, hallways and lobbies).

If a face mask makes your pup reactive or apprehensive, the mask may be removed as a calming but temporary measure. The mask will be put back on as soon as it is safe.

Hand Sanitizer/Hand Washing

I will be walking with multiple forms of hand sanitizer in my backpack. As many of my clients have seen, I have an array of items that I carry on a daily basis (dog treats, water bowls, poop bags, paw balm in the winter), and sanitizing products are now part of my goody bag. I will use the hand sanitizer just prior to entering your home.

If you prefer that I wash my hands with soap and water instead of using hand sanitizer (and your sink is near the entrance), I will gladly wash my hands.

I can also remove my shoes, or use disposable slip-on shoe covers.

Handling of Equipment

I will begin to carry a 6 foot leash of my own to avoid needing to use your personal leash. If you would prefer that I continue to use your pup’s regular leash, I can do that instead.

I can also spray the leash or other equipment (harness/collar) with an aerosol sanitizer after each use, if that is provided to me.

Social Distancing

I will make all best efforts to maintain a minimum of six feet between owners and other walkers that I encounter whenever possible.

Sickness and Exposure

PLEASE READ: If anyone in your household has any overt symptoms of COVID-19, I will not return to your residence until everyone has been medically cleared.

If I been exposed to COVID-19, I will inform clients of their possible exposure but maintain confidentiality when possible as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Questions and Concerns

If you have specific COVID-19 safety precaution related requests or concerns, please know I am always here and you can reach me via text or email.

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