Covid-19 Vaccinations – did you get yours?

I did! I got the Moderna vax on 3/5/21, 4/2/21 & 11/19/21.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, absolutely.  We know that it’s better to be prepared for the unforeseen accident.  While I pride myself on taking care of each pet like it is my own, humans are not infallible.  My policy covers property damage, vet expenses and even lost keys!

I don’t see your hours of operation.  When are you “open”?

I don’t keep “banker’s hours”, as my schedule is dictated by your pets’ needs.  A lot of similar services feel it necessary to post hours on their website, but because scheduling can be so dynamic, I’d rather remain flexible to accommodate you.

Do you have a store front?

I operate from my home, which is why I cannot board your pets here.  I have a full fur family of my own, and introducing new pets would be too stressful for my pets and yours.

Who will care for my pets – you or someone else?

I personally care for your pet.  I am not a huge operation, nor am I a stranger from an app.  You will meet me, and I will be the one in charge of your pet care.  If I do expand and hire employees, I will still be involved and supervise each client and their needs.

How can I pay you?

While I’m sure you make a lovely lasagna, I do prefer the US Dollar!  I am currently accepting Chase app (Zelle), PayPal (friend option), or Venmo.  Extended visits (overnights, or vacation coverage) require a 50% deposit, please. I am not accepting cash at this time.

How can I trust you with my pet, entering my home and my keys?

Aside from my mother’s testimonials, I can provide professional references.  I also prefer to meet all new clients face-to-face (either on a walk with your dog, or at a cafe), so that we can ask each other questions.  I think it’s important to feel comfortable with each other before moving forward.  Most clients have cameras in their homes, and I fully encourage it.  This is your home, and I have one of your most important souls under my care.  As I mentioned above, I am fully insured for issues related to my services.

I’m a new client, and my pets are super picky and have allergies.  How can I be sure that you can handle all of that info?

Great question!  I prefer to meet all new clients (human and their pets) in person before we enter into a partnership.  I also have a handy pet information form that I request all new clients fill out beforehand.  It has space for all of your pets’ preferences, allergies, triggers, etc.  See attached:  Pet Info Sheet

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes – any cancelled walks or visits 24 hours prior to the scheduled time will be forgiven.  Cancellations less than 24 hours are subject to a $10 fee, which is added to the next walk or visit.

Do you walk dogs in inclement weather?

It all depends.  During extreme heat & humidity, I prefer to keep walks to a minimum.  Even though I carry water and a bowl to help keep your dog hydrated, their paws can burn.  Next time you head outdoors on a hot day, place your palm on the sidewalk and see how long it takes before you feel uncomfortable.  Now imagine your dogs’ paws on the same sidewalk.  I use my best judgement on those days, so if I am your consistent walker, I may cut a hot day short, but make it up on a cooler day.  Safety first!

During sub-zero temperatures, I also use best judgement.  I recommend purchasing booties for your dog to help alleviate salt burn.  I will keep those walks to a minimum as well.

Do you work with aggressive dogs?

I am not a certified dog trainer, so I will not pretend that I have all of the answers when it comes to your dog.  I can only refer to you services that may help if you have a dog that exhibits signs of aggression to determine the best course of action.  If your dog exhibits any signs of hesitation, defensiveness, or aggression towards me, I will not accept you or your pet as a client.

Do you have experience administering medications to pets?

Yes!  I’ve given pills to dogs and cats, as well as insulin injections for cats.

How will I know how my dog did on the walk?

I will send a text post-walk and let you know if they pooped or peed. I don’t like to text while I’m walking dogs, so the update could be delayed if I have back-to-back walks. If I can manage to take a picture, I will, but it’s not always guaranteed each walk. As I mentioned, I don’t like to use my phone during walks unless absolutely necessary, but sometimes a moment needs to be captured, and I will send it along. I may even post it on my Instagram page!

What is your typical area of service?

I service only the east side at this time. For day-to-day walks, I go as far uptown as 119th Street and as far downtown as 74th Street. For overnight sitting, I stay within the aforementioned range as well. Existing customers that utilize my dog walking services get priority booking for overnight sitting.

Pricing – You seem more expensive than competitors, why is that?

Great question! Even though I am a small business owner, I know the value that I provide & I know my worth. Discounting my prices devalues my experience and the passion that I offer in pet care.

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